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Everton Together calls for change in Everton Park

A community project is aiming to bring change in Everton Park, including reopening and restoring a hidden nature reserve.

Kevin Robinson-Hale, the founder of Everton Together, says the Nature Garden located near Roscommon Street should be brought back to its former glory.


The reserve was once described as “probably the most biodiverse location in Liverpool” by a former park manager and includes two small lakes and grassland meadows.


“One of my best memories was winning an art competition from ‘Rob the Ranger’ when I was about 12 by drawing inside the Everton Park Nature Garden,” said Robinson-Hale, 34, who adds he would visit the attraction most days when he was younger.


“It’s so sad that places like this have been left to disrepair.


“I think it should be open to our community.”


“It’s important that people feel safe of a night.”


Everton Together began in winter of 2019 and aims to tackle inequality in L6 and beyond, while also bringing back community values to the area.


Robinson-Hale revealed he also plans to tackle other problems in Everton Park, such as making it a safer place at nighttime.


Lighting in the park has been a major issue with residents, with concerns being raised for children walking home from school and for the safety of elderly members in the community.


“I want to get the lights fixed in the park,” he said.


“Now people have been going on to me for the past three years about the lights. I take my little dog there of a night and it’s so dangerous that the lights aren’t on.


“It’s important that people feel safe of a night.”


Robinson-Hale, who presents on Access North West every Thursday, says that he is passionate about Everton Park as he was born and bred in the Everton area.


“I used to attend China Street play centre from when I was a kid and subsequently worked and volunteered at the centre till my late teens,” he said, adding praise for former colleague Barbara Stewart.


He adds that Everton Together will push for a speeding system on The View, a parking area near Everton Brow.


“I’m looking at The View, where the cars speed round at some terrible speeds, it’s really dangerous. So maybe looking at putting a speeding system there, like speed bumps or whatever else,” he said.


Robinson-Hale, a former chairperson of the Everton ward Labour Party and former vice-chairperson of the Walton constituency, plans to campaign as a Green Party candidate for Everton in the 2021 local elections.