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Eldonian Village Post Office reopens a year after “temporary” closure

Less than a year after mysteriously closing, the Eldonian Village Post Office has finally reopened.

The facility had opened as part of an extension of the Costcutter convenience store on Burlington Street back in January 2016, after co-owners Paul Collett and Stephen Lysaght secured a six-figure loan from The Royal Bank of Scotland.


In a previous issue, Scottie Press revealed how staff and residents had been left in the dark over the “temporary” closure in October 2019.


Retired social worker Liz Biggins had stressed the importance of having a branch in the area for elderly people who were without transport and had suffered a loss of mobility due to cuts to bus services.


Local resident Mary Wilson had argued that another Post Office should be placed in the area.


"It’s just good for the community and we want more people from the area using it again.”


“I’m over the moon that it’s back,” she said.


“I haven’t been since it reopened as I’ve been too poorly, but I send my daughter there and she’s just glad she doesn’t have to travel all the way into town now.


“But I still think we need a Post Office on Greatie.”


Staff were also “happy” to have the Post Office back after a long hiatus.


“We’re excited to be back open and it’s great for the area,” said Paul Collett, who runs the CostCutters where the Post Office is based.


“People are absolutely made up, more than happy. It’s just good for the community and we want more people from the area using it again.”


Although it hasn’t been confirmed why the “temporary” closure lasted a year, a Post Office spokesperson confirmed that Covid-19 had caused a delay.


A spokesperson said: “We are pleased to announce that Eldonian Road Post Office has re-opened and it is operated by the same Postmaster as before.”