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Documentary: Wages of Blood

Wages of Blood is a ten-minute short documentary about Liverpool-based heavyweight boxer, David Price, filmed by Liverpool based company, Shut Out The Light, founded by Christie Allanson and Daniel Draper.

The film is captured in the run-up to Davids last two fights where the boxer trained out of Kirkdale’s Rotunda ABC in preparation.



Daniel Draper says, ” It’s a film we wanted to make for multiple reasons, but mainly to examine the sport in a fresh light – our visual approach was to match the reality of being in a boxing ring – erratic movement, objects shifting in and out of focus with an emphasis on minutiae. Running alongside the visuals are snippets from an interview with David and his trainer – both who break down the realities of what it is to be a boxer. It’s a sport that looks glossy on TV, but it’s not all knock-out reels – it’s simply a job for many. A punishing job, physically and mentally. There’s something old-fashioned, poetic and barbaric about working-class people choosing to fight as a career choice. ”


The gritty black and white film has been entered into several small film festivals taking place later in the year and has yet be seen by anyone other than the heavyweight boxer himself before kindly shared with the Scottie Press to premiere the documentary to the public.


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