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About Us

Scottie Press is Britain’s longest-running community newspaper. It stands proud of its role as a collective voice that has united the neighbourhoods of North Liverpool over its 49 years in print, by publishing engaging, beneficial and informative grassroots journalism.

Over the decades, we’ve campaigned for people’s civil rights, injustices in government policies and equality for working class communities. In 2018 we recruited a new editor, a team of journalists, researchers and creatives to sustain a reliable, relevant and trustworthy newspaper for residents.

In December 2019 we relaunched a rebranded version of Scottie Press in print and online, while also expanding our circulation in the lead up to its 50th anniversary in February 2021. The current team is now continuing its legacy and its role as a leading news source for Liverpool while securing its place as a universal symbol of independent media for future generations.