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Council care homes face closure less than a year after opening


And to add to the concerns of panic-stricken relatives of residents, Merseyside was recently added to the government's coronavirus watchlist.


Mayor Joe Anderson released a video statement putting blame “firmly at the door of the Government,” while Shaw have said the closures are a result of Covid-19 and lack of demand for beds.


However, discussions were already in place between the council and Shaw over financial concerns back in January — two months before Liverpool was set to feel the wrath of coronavirus — which families of residents learned on August 26.

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Developer or Community: what’s the future of presbytery land?

Local resident Brian Jones, an active member of the parish, was informed by Kirkdale Cllr Joe Hanson, in a series of messages via What's App, that: “The Archdiocese is going to knock it down and then sell the land" adding that "we could end up with a block of apartments.”


After discussions with other community members and local parish priest Father Richard, an idea emerged to try to raise sufficient capital through local community members to purchase the land directly from the Archdiocese.


Brian says, in a message to Cllr Hanson: “If the land is sold to the community, it would become something that benefits the community" and would ensure that residents can "have a say" in the future of the area.


In r...

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